Taijiquan Journal staff members Barbara Davis and Bob Schmitt are available for freelance work in editing, proofreading, writing, and design. With thoroughness and an eye for detail, we can help you reach your goals effectively. We work with local and international clients from our offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

We offer the following:

Proofreading: This is the last step in the process of preparing manuscripts for submission to an agent or publisher, posting to a website, or sending to the printer. Proofreading of manuscripts or galleys is the time to catch the little things: typos, spelling, missing page numbers, extra spaces, incorrect headers, inconsistent styles, and other problems. Prices start at $2 per page, depending on complexity of manuscript.
Copyediting: As an intermediate level of editing, copyediting checks for spelling, correct word choices, format problems, and grammar.
Substantive Editing:
The deepest and most involved level of editing in which the flow, logic, and inner workings of a manuscript are given a thorough analysis. Involves reorganization and some rewrite.
Manuscript Critiques, Coaching, and Evaluation: This option is for writers who need an outside eye on their manuscript progress, for authors who need help in breaking through to a new level of manuscript development, for those who need help overcoming writer's block, or for publishers who need manuscripts evaluated for quality. We review the structure of the manuscript, zero in on problem spots, make editing suggestions, and give extensive feedback. This is also a good option for those with a limited budget, and is particularly suitable for writers who want to improve their ability to rewrite and edit their own work.
What kinds of written material do we work on?

Fiction and non-fiction alike−including novels, short stories, articles, memoir, personal histories, biography, history, cookbooks, instructional materials, websites, and theses.
Graphic Design: All levels of design work are available--publications, books, posters, brochures, business cards, calligraphy, logos, and websites.
Our Experience
Nominated for an Utne Reader Award, the staff of Taijiquan Journal is highly experienced. We have provided editorial and design services to many major publishing houses, corporations, non-profits, magazines, and individual authors.

Member of Minnesota's Professional Editors' Network.

Contact us at 612-822-5760, or editor "at" taijiquanjournal.com.