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Taijiquan Journal Archives: Volume 3

Volume 3 Number 1 -- Winter 2002


Gateway to Health: Taijiquan and Chinese Medicine, Bill Holm

"How-to" Ditties: Learning Lessons Through Rhymes, Barbara Davis

Taijiquan, the Doctrine of the Taiji and the Doctrine of Zhongyong, Wang Chien-chin

Why Taiji?, Editor's Note

Form & Function: Single Whip, Jason Yeung

Center Point: The Doctrine of the Mean

Apparent Closure: Taijiquan's Martial Realism, John Lad


  • T'ai Chi as a Path of Widsom by Linda Myoki Lehrhaupt
  • Beginner's Tai Chi by Vincent Chu
  • Nourishing Destiny by Lonny Jarrett
  • Who Can Ride the Dragon? by Zhang Yu Huan & Ken Rose

Volume 3 Number 2 -- Spring 2002


The Hand, Barbara Davis

Ju Ming: Sculptor of Form & Spirit, Cheryl Schwichtenberg

Taijiquan, the Doctrine of the Taiji and the Doctrine of Zhongyong, Part Two, Wang Chien-chin

The Changing Landscape of Taijiquan, Harold Lee

Learning to Listen, Editor's Note

Study: Focusing Your Practice, Paul Lam

Center Point: Ju Ming

Apparent Closure: Why Do We Practice?, A.T. Dale


  • The Art of War by The Demna Group
  • Tales of the Taoist Immortals by Eva Wong
  • Tai Chi by Eric Montaigue

Volume 3 Number 3 -- Summer 2002


The Three Stages Of Yang Tajiquan Gongfu, Harold H. Lee

Developing, Maintaining and Enhancing Daily Practice, Thomas Krapu

The Concept of Central Equilibrium in Taijiquan, Liu Hsi-heng

Getting to Know Wach Other, Editor's Note

Study: The Middle Path of Exercise, Tracey Litsey

Center Point: "Keeping Things Whole", Mark Strand

Apparent Closure: The Nutritional Value of Taiji, Ben Harrison


  • Tai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style and Tai Chi Secrets of the Wu and Li Styles by Yang Jwing-ming
  • 101 Reflections on Tai Chi Chuan by Michael Gilman
  • China Style by Sharon Leece

Volume 3 Number 4 -- Fall 2002


Methods of the Mind: The Regulation of the Yi in Taiji and Qigong, Junfeng Qu

Gateway to Mystery: An interview with Chungliang Al Huang

The Essentials of Practicing the Taijiquan Solo Form, Li Yashuan

The News from Lake Taijiquan, Barbara Davis

Finding the Knack of Taiji, Editor's Note

Study: How I found my Root, C.J. Rhoads

Apparent Closure: Taiji is OK, but Hold the Mayo, Jim Klobuchar


  • A Brief History of Qi by Zhang Yu Huan & Ken Rose

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