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Taijiquan Journal Archives: Volume 2


Volume 2 Number 1 -- Winter 2001


The Inside and Outside of Work: Taijiquan Principles in Action, Barbara K. Strandell

Thirteen Questions and Answers on the Dao of Taijiquan, Part Two, Huang Sheng-Shyan

To Compete, or Not to Compete? That is the Question, C. J. Rhoads

Revisiting Chinese Philosophy: Is There a Role for Confucianism in Taijiquan?, John Lad

The News From Lake Taijiquan, Barbara Davis

Editor's Notes: Disciplined or Discipline Barbara Davis

HISTORY: The Origin of the Name "Taijiquan", Stanley Henning

Readers' Forum: Taijiquan as a Martial Art 

Apparent Closure: Why I Keep Going, Cheryl Schwichtenberg

Endnotes: The Yin and Yang of Human Nature, David Chen


  • Taoism and the Arts of China by Stephen Little
  • Compact Tai Chi by Jesse Tsao
  • Lao-tzu and the Tao-te-ching by Livia Kohn & Michael LaFargue, eds.

Volume 2 Number 2 -- Spring 2001


The Evolution of the Taijiquan Forms, Harold Lee

The Theory of Silk Reeling Essence, Chen Xin

A Personal Vision, Paul Lam

The Beauty of Gesture, Catherine David

The Sounds of Practice: Taijiquan's Kiai, Stanley Henning

Editor's Notes: Learning Through Exploring, Barbara Davis

Teacher's Perspectives: Reaching Our Youth, Gustavo Rosales

The Tortoise and the Hare: Finding Ways to Teach Children, Marilyn Cooper

Readers' Forum: The Starting Point 

Form & Function: Practical Rooting, Barbara Davis

Apparent Closure: What, My Ego?, Ben Harrison

Endnotes: A Pianist's Touch: Claudio Arrau 


  • The Tao of the West by J. J. Clark
  • Master Cheng's New Method of Taichi Ch'uan Self-Cultivation
    translated by Mark Hennessy
  • T'ai Chi: Exercise for Lifelong Health and Well-Being by Tricia Yu

Volume 2 Number 3 -- Summer 2001


The World of Tea, Ed Clark

Tea, the Fabric of Chinese Life, Barbara Davis

"Qigong" from Coming Home Crazy, Bill Holm

Editor's Notes: A Community of Practitioners, Barbara Davis

Student's Perspective: Getting My Way, Hank Romano

Form and Function: Enrich Your Practice Through Imagery, Yanchy Lacska and Paul Lam

Center Point: Peer Gynt Encounters the Dao 

Study: Following a Master, Peter Uhlman

Archives: A Course of Taijiquan Study, Dong Yingjie

Apparent Closure: Going to Camp, Masha Ginzberg


  • The Way of the River by B. K. Loren
  • Grasping the Sparrow's Tail by Jane Schorre
  • Working Without, Working Within by Al Huang and Jerry Lynch

Volume 2 Number 4 -- Fall 2001


The Way Back: Revisiting Old Haunts With New Skills, Cletus Schommer

On Not Squelching the Student's Spirit, Maggie Newman

Facing Up to Anger, Jan Nye

Empty and Full in Taijiquan, Tang Hao and Gu Liuxin

Editor's Notes: Everything is Relative, Barbara Davis

Study: Competition: Don't Knock It 'Til You've Tried It, C. J. Rhoads

Center Point: "tai chi in a chinese church", Richard Sommer

Teacher's Perspective: Generating Health Without Martial Training, Harold Lee with Barbara Davis

Apparent Closure: Finding My Man, Stella Gold


  • Tai Chi Sensing-Hands by Stuart Olson

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