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Taijiquan Journal Archives: Volume 1


Volume 1 Number 1 -- Spring 2000


Taijiquan and the Yijing, Wen-shan Huang

Finding My Teachers, Michael DeMarco

"No, Mom, We're Not a Cult", Benjamin Harrison

Taijiquan and Chiropractic: Are They at Odds?, Jean Hulbert

Fighting the Pain of the Outcast in Gym Class, Bob Baker

Form & Function: The Challenge of Stability, Jason Yeung

Guangzhou's Taijiquan History, Lai Shenhong

The News From Lake Taijiquan, Barbara Davis

Editor's Notes: What is Taijiquan anyway?, Barbara Davis

"T'ai Chi Life", Mose Allison


  • T'ai Chi's Origins by Douglas Wile
  • Martial Musings by Robert W. Smith
  • Tai-Chi Chuan in Theory and Practice by Kuo Lien-Ying
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi and Qigong by Bill Douglas
  • Crane Spreads Wings by Susan Trott

PLUS, an exclusive episode of "The Yang and the Rootless"

Volume 1 Number 2 -- Summer 2000


Taiji, Me and Joe DiMaggio, Edward Clark

Taijiquan and Yijing, Part Two, Wen-Shan Huang

The Fatigue Artist, Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Learning the Ropes of Chinese, Barbara Davis

Editorial: The Future of Taijiquan, Barbara Davis

Sister Arts, Divergent Paths, Erik Vogle

String Quartet No. 6, "Parting Wild Horse's Mane", R. Murray Schafer

Reader's Forum: Taijiquan's Living Heritage of Lineage


  • Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan by Fu Zhongren, translated by Louis Swaim
  • The Tai Chi Book by Robert Chuckrow
  • Flowing the Tai Chi Way by Peter Uhlmann

Volume 1 Number 3 -- Fall 2000


Boundaries as Essence of Self, Jan N.

Thirteen Questions and Answers on Taijiquan: Part One, Huang Sheng Shyan

Taijiquan and the Web: Harnessing New Technology for Old Traditions, C. J. Rhoads

Editor's Notes: Taiji Shoes, Taiji Practice, Barbara Davis

Form & Function: Low Punch, Jason Yeung

Readers' Forum: The Struggles and Delights of Practice

Teacher's Perspective: Form Versus Principles, Barbara Davis

Apparent Closure: Leaning My Way into Taijiquan, Edith Ulner

Endnotes: "In My Kitchen", Allen Ginsberg

Annual Index


  • Taiji Sword: Classical Yang Style by Yang Jwing-ming
  • Taiji Thirteen Sword by Stuart Olson
  • Taiji Sword by Chen Weiming, translated by Barbara Davis
  • Tai Chi Training in China by Howard Thomas

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