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Spring-Summer 2004

Volume 5 Number 2-3 -- Spring-Summer 2004


Summertime Taijiquan Events: Explore New Vistas, Robert Grady

Practice Spaces, Barbara Davis

At the Fort, John Lad

A Bird in the Hand, Rhonda Danahoo

Master of Life: A Profile of Wu Tu'nan, Harold Lee

A Vision of the Future Role of Taiji in Western Health Care,
Penelope Klein & Bill Adams

Questions & Answers, Cheryl Powers

The "Organics" of Learning, Aaron Stewart

Six Ways to Study Taiji on a Shoestring, Timothy Adams

Honey, I'm Remodeling the House, Ben Harrison


  • The Taijiquan Classics by Barbara Davis
  • Tai Chi Mind and Body by Tricia Yu
  • The Tao: Finding the Way of Balance and Harmony
    by Mark Forstater
  • Fengshui in China by Ole Brunn

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